What Stands Behind Animation Production Costs?

Let’s start with the basics. The two most important price indicators of animated videos are the length and style.


Typically, animation studios start the conversation about pricing with the question about video length. That helps the studio to budget the number of designers and animators needed for the project, as well as estimate the turnaround production time and schedules.

Since production costs per unit scale, you might get a discounted rate for longer videos. However, one must remember that videos longer than 60 seconds are hardly useful for marketing purposes. If your video works as training material, it can of course be longer.


It doesn’t make sense to invest in a cookie-cutter video that generates no results.

To help you create a unique video for your brand, the animation studio should offer you a selection of styles.

Whiteboard animated videos have been a popular format for explainer videos – but those are dull and no longer original. Nowadays it’s better to choose from 2D cutout animation, frame-by-frame animation, 3D renders, motion graphics, kinetic typeset, or stop motion.